Begin your healing journey with dōTERRA essential oils

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You have the innate power to heal yourself! Essential oils can empower you to take control over your physical and emotional well being. When you open those little bottles you are opening the door to self-care, empowerment and high-vibe living! Watch as your family's wellness transforms. 


Our Mission

At light and lotus we are committed to non-toxic living and we are always looking for new ways to live a more peaceful,harmonious and high-vibe life, so it was only natural that we began using essential oils for our families and in our homes. Our goal is empower women all around the world to become the healers of themselves and their homes using essential oils!  

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h e a l i n g:  transform your physical and emotional well being and become the best version of you.

c o m m u n i t y:  become part of our amazing international tribe of women who are using the oils every day and living a lifestyle like you. It's amazing to connect with others in a sisterhood of people who have the same values and aspirations you have.

a b u n d a n c e: create financial abundance for yourself ( totally optional) by sharing the oils with others.


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